Combining my years of litigation and tax experience, I’ll represent you in controversies before the IRS and Comptroller.  I’ll respond promptly and knowledgeably to notices, address the issues they raise, and resolve them at the earliest possible stage, to save time, expense and stress.

Whether you’ve received a notice of balance due, levy, wage garnishment, or your business is facing an audit, I can help you defend the audit, appeal a deficiency, or craft a payment plan, installment agreement, or a so-called offer-in-compromise if you can’t pay the full amount owed.  In cases where you share liability with a spouse, an injured or innocent spouse defense may be available.

Audit prevention begins with the tax return.  Consider explaining items on your tax return that the IRS might question, like an unusually large business deduction.  Maintain good business and personal records, keep them for at least three years after filing your return, and separate your business and personal accounts.  Clients Jeff and Dana Jeffries (not their real names) suffered a sizable personal casualty loss, and deducted the loss on their tax return  The Jeffries documented their loss by cataloguing hundreds of items, keeping an accurate chronology of events, maintaining copies of contracts, and taking pictures.  Their careful record keeping was key to our successful defense of their casualty deduction.  The Jeffries expressed appreciation for my thoroughness in doing an excellent job.  Their attorney in a related litigation paid a high compliment by saying he’d contact me if he ever had a matter before the IRS.  But the Jeffries’ impressive arsenal of documents was a factor in substantiating their deduction.