I have worked with a wide variety of attorneys in my professional and personal life predominantly in the areas of tax, real estate and employment law. Victoria Kelly ranks among the most competent based on her knowledge of applicable law, listening skills and ability to analyze issues to determine the most salient legal implications and develop an effective plan of action. She is thorough and meticulous in her work, asking questions rather than assuming answers, and persistent in the face of challenges. I highly recommend her services.

Janice G.
Silver Spring, MD

I had the opportunity to work with Mrs. Kelly on preparing a Will for my family and I jumped at the opportunity. Although discussing and preparing a Will, may be a difficult thing to do, working with Mrs. Kelly put my mind at ease. Mrs. Kelly offered certain strategies to address my particular family circumstances, she showed patience, compassion and professionalism and worked tirelessly to ensure my Will would truly express my last wishes.

Gretta E.
Baltimore, MD

I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know it was wonderful working with you. As a single mother it can be hard to find a lawyer that you can trust and that would understand my unique needs and concerns when dealing with a difficult situation. Although at first I was concerned with how much your services would cost, you quickly put my mind at ease by working with me. You are very knowledgeable in your field and took the time to answer any question or concern I may have had and explained every step of the process. Thanks for all your help. If the opportunity presents itself I would gladly work with you again and recommend you to my friends that may need help when dealing with a similar situation. Thanks again!

Gretta E.
Baltimore, MD

I strongly recommend Attorney Victoria Eva Kelly for any issues you have with the IRS, tax planning, tax preparation and estate planning. I communicated unsuccessfully with the IRS regarding my tax refund for more than a year. I contracted with Attorney Kelly to represent me, she resolved my case with the IRS within one week and I received my refund within two weeks. Attorney Kelly is very professional, knowledgeable and treats each case and each client in a personable way.

Michael M.
Baltimore, MD

She is working with me through all the issues around which I contacted her.  She is expert in the areas I need and is a pleasure to work with.

      Laura P.
      Bethesda, Maryland

Excellent experience in dealing with my problem situation in a professional manner.

      Joe J.
      Upper Marlboro, Maryland

A knowledgeable tax attorney. She prepared complicated tax returns involving another state, a foreign business, and virtual currencies. She explained everything clearly and was very easy to work with.

      Alan E.
      Frederick, Maryland 


John, an 82 year old native Spanish speaker, received an undesired IRA distribution through a bank error. He then missed the 60 day window for rolling over this distribution to a traditional IRA, which resulted in a Notice CP14 from the IRS assessing nearly $11,000 in taxes, penalties, and interest.

MVLS volunteer attorney Victoria Kelly volunteered to assist John, despite not being a native Spanish speaker herself. Through the use of a translator and assistance from John’s friends and family, Victoria was able to effectively communicate with John and assist him with his issue.  It turned out that John had rolled over his distribution with time to spare after all!  Victoria submitted  an amended return to the IRS with a letter of explanation.

John later received a Notice CP21C from the IRS showing no balance due.  Much relieved, John presented Victoria with these lovely flowers as a token of his appreciation.

Victoria showed great care and commitment to this case in her efforts to work with John while still maintaining ethical integrity. John had difficulty hearing in addition to being a native Spanish speaker with possible diminished capacity. With this in mind, Victoria took extra measures to ensure his comprehension and agreement to the course of action. With her attention to detail and concern for John’s comprehension of the case details and overall well-being, Victoria strongly exemplifies MVLS’ values.

A big thank you to Victoria for helping us spread “justice for all.”